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Published on October 3, 2022

Picture a world…Where a bureaucrat that you've never met, and can't be fired, gets to have unilateral authority over you.

Dystopian. If you’re a sci-fi fan the word, “dystopian”, conjures up a whole bunch of bleak worlds. But dystopia is a tired trope, that I’m sick of. Its soo well worn, that it has flat feet. Just like our equally fatigued friend “The Hero’s Journey”.

However, these silver screen fantasy worlds, that we’ve all watched, or streamed at one time or another, are poised to slam headlong into our current reality. Yes, just as, art imitates life. Our dystopian world awaits us too. This is my attempt of mixing both tired Tropes. “The Hero’s Journey” with a “Dystopian future”, that might sound all too familiar to some of us.

The year 2030. The Sun-bleached and scorched earth bleeds with corporate unrest. The “Shareholders” have all the money. So, what’s left for them to take pleasure in? Absolute power. In this vapid world. Corporations and the shareholders are making a play to exert, “total control over you”.

One of the key tools they plan on leveraging against you. The Central Bank Digital Currency. As the money printers went burr, the world has converted all the Fiat, to CBDC, after years of consecutive plandemics. You’ll now find your place quickly, under the thumb of the CBDC.

The name of this movie. “The carbon wars”. The puppeteers. World Economic Forum, (WEF) and UN, TLG, CFR, etc.

Sovereign nations are a thing of the past. It’s a Borders-less time. The untrue narrative pushed about climate change, has allowed “shareholders or caretakers”, to assert 100% global dominance over the people how'd they get this power? By creating a mythical enemy called, carbon. The building blocks of life. They’ve told humans, “we are the problem” along with our careless carbon activities. This is why the "weather thingy" is happening. They have a solution. What they don’t tell us, they have no way to control or tax the sun.

Carbon limits must be obeyed. ESG agreements are the vehicles used to legally step on the necks of the people, and steer the shareholders further dominance over us. You're told simply. “You will own nothing and be happy”. The people of the earth have to adapt, or they will not live. I reserve the right to call this story or post entertainment. If you're offended I'm a writer of stories.

Part 2 The Means to an end! How will they do this? Your Central Bank Digital Currency, will be turned off, if your Social Credit score is too low. Why would they do this? If you’re not doing what you’re told. This works twofold, since as carbon, you will just dry up, and blow away eventually, once your CBDC is deleted. (How am I doing so far? Wait I have some more storyline to add.) A little Swedish girl (who's really the antagonist of the story) decides to go on a “The Hero’s Journey”. She doesn’t spend much time in school, and therefore is a useful idiot. Groomed by the elite. Rising to an unelected-power. She says things only a child might believe. But it doesn’t matter, for it is a time of disinformation, democracy is dead. Social media fuels the lies, blocking anyone who dares question the carbon wars, or these thinktank future leaders. This so-called hero of the people, has been given the power to order “the carbon” to comply.

Unnecessary carbon expenditure is strictly forbidden, this includes procreation. This power has been bestowed and she’s the ordained in 2030.Unfortunately, your technology has come back to bite you in the ass. Your wireless-implant isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, it’s your “binky” since it allows you entrance into the Metaverse. Serving as a great pacifier. What are you going to do today? Oh, right a 60-year-old snoop dog is performing today, and you will be attending his virtual party at his meta-sandbox pad, with the other subservient carbon units.

You can spend your CBDC there. But if you act out and speak against the system in place, your life sustaining CBDC will be turned off and you’re on your last strike, since your flatus was detected by the smart-home recently. Your account will be terminated on your 3rd strike. But only if you fall out of line again. It’s for you own good. Okay I think you get the point.

Part 3" What's a Carbon unit to do? Buy BTC take the ride. You're lucky! Hindsight is always 20/20, and you’ve seen the earlier described shitty ESG carbon movie before- so you left the theater long before it ended, and are actively taking steps to 'Buy BTC, Take The Ride!' This should ensure an airlock escape for a different future outcome. You’ve got your own plans. Rewind the clock to yesterday: 9-6-22. The outside temperature rose to the same rate as the DXY (Dollar index) -110! I could say it’s the carbon, screaming like a petulant child, “We've got to reduce the carbon!” Even children know the sun makes it hot. The sun controls a large portion of our weather on earth. As you learn beyond child-level science, you find that the geomagnetic structure of the earth is weakening ever year. These simple but core principles play out in what we call “weather”.

So I’m not paying to see the pre-programming movie that the elite are now showing us, clamoring "Carbon! "Okay this is going to wander a bit for some of you right now. Like why did I mention the DXY? Well, as some of you know, BTC is strongly correlated to the DXY rate, so naturally the BTC priced dropped a bit today as the DXY rose up to hit 110. Not only that, Putin disclosed the real reason the Gazprom shut the gas down- sanctions. ESG in the UK will have to put aside now as they run two nuclear plants and go back to burning fossil fuels this winter, or freeze to death.

Let’s be clear. Sanctions are an “act of war”, & Putin has the UK over an oil barrel because of sanctions. BTC is the movie I’m paying to see- starring BTC! BTC is decentralized. BTC is sovereignty. BTC is spice. So I’m not worried. BTC is an amazing asymmetrical bet, and even if it falls down another 50% during this crypto winter, that just means a minimum 10x, upside if you buy it during that time.

Furthermore, BTC is a no brainer when you know what the elite have planned for us. It is not cut from the same cloth as CBDC. BTC is not run by any corporation. BTC has tremendous upside. Especially in a future world that sees you owning nothing and being happy.

Yes; BTC could crash down to 5-10k as the hash rate goes down, currently you can hear the miners shutting down the machines all around us now. So, BTC, as an asymmetrical bet, has risks, not including the Russian war and the war on carbon.

An overzealous solar flare or nuclear strike could take it all down, wiping out any investment. But I’m guessing we’d have more to worry about at that point, than BTC just going to zero. I’m fond of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it is a great movie, but it gets dark quickly, like our macro environment currently. In the immortal words of H.S.T. “Buy The Ticket Take The Ride”.

What's a Carbon unit to do? Make sure they don't rise to power! Use the links below to monitor who doesn't serve your best interests share them widely help others legally stop them!

► Global Shapers Search: https://lnkd.in/gXBQ3hma►

Young Global Leaders Search: https://lnkd.in/gbjRtd3i► UN SDGs /

ESG: https://sdgs.un.org/goals#leaders

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